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About Zenji

Get ready to embark on a mystical journey and

discover the original, multi-leveled game play of Zenji !

Your victory calls upon your powers of

focus, memory and intuition.

Achieve a Zero mind, the perfect Zen state,

to score your elemental points!

Find your powerful, essential allies in the game:

The AVATARS of Air, Earth, Water and Fire!

This is Zenji , the ever-evolving card game for mystic minds!

How to play Zenji ?

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Game Summary

Achieve a clear Zen Mind

Dissolve your Monkey Mind

’Monkey Mind’’ is an iconic animal metaphor that describes a

restless human mind. It is a full mind, filled with wandering

‘’monkeys’’, jumping from one thought to the other.

’’Zen mind’’ is a Daoist meditation state that refers to a free mind, not fixed or occupied by thought. It is an empty mind,

also known as a silent mind, zero-mind or ZENJI flow state.


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Entering the world of Zenji

all players start with a mind

filled with 4 active monkeys.

Who will be first to empty the mind?

The ultimate goal in Zenji is

to calm the monkey mind

and attain a Zenji flow state.

A zero-mind wins the elemental points!


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Christmas golden rays watercolor illustration
Christmas golden rays watercolor illustration


Starter’s deck ( 61 cards) with:

52 elemental playing cards.

(13 playing cards for each one of the four elements.)

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Earth Globe Logo Element
Illustration of Flame
white light
Gold wings and Shield for Logo

4 ‘Zero mind’ cards. (value 0)

This Mystic meditator helps you

to empty the monkey mind.

One ZENJI card . (value -2)

This is the best card to have

in your monkey mind.

Zenji, the meditating monkey !

Christmas golden rays watercolor illustration
Christmas golden rays watercolor illustration

4 Avatar cards.

Earth, Fire, Water and Air.

Your powerful allies in the game.

Use them wisely !

Expansion Pack ( 20 magic cards) :

Once you master starter’s game play, add these expansion cards into your game.

For easy recognition, every magic card is marked with an infinity symbol.

All 20 magic cards spark infinite interactions between the players’ minds!

Introduce them one by one , master them slowly , watch your game expand.

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Curved Down Arrow
horizontal line
Infinity Design Vector
Hand Drawn Arrow
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The game of Zenji can eventually be played

with all the 81 cards from above.

The 61 starter’s deck cards plus the 20 magic cards.

Zenji Tips :

1. go easy on the beginner’s mind

We recommend to start your first rounds of Zenji

with just the starter’s deck. (61 cards)

2. Ready to go next level ?

Introduce some of the 20 expansion cards to experience

the infinite ‘mind-magic ’ of Zenji !

3. Zenji is a 2-4 player game !

2 players is more strategic , faster and ideal to master all the Zenji skills!

3 to 4 players games may have more luck involved but your memory skills

and ability to stay focused will also be tested even more!

4. Star tip :

2 player games are also best for the ‘Zenji Pro’ experience with collectibles !

Challenge another experienced Zenji player , test your playing skills and collect

more and more unique collectibles for your personal Zenji card collection!

Zenji is always evolving, soon we will reveal more layers of game play here.

More fun guaranteed . Stay tuned !

‘ Zenjoy the moment. ’

Copyright © 2024 Play Zenji - All Rights Reserved.

Zenji rules and instructions

Remember this paradox when you start playing your first Zenji games !

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‘’ LESS is MORE ‘’

The player with THE LEAST points in the monkey mind

earns the MOST elemental points from the HIGHER mind.

Goal of the game :

1. Remove monkeys cards (with high numbers) from your Monkey mind.

2. Move elemental points and Avatars (the allies) to your Higher Mind.

3. The first player to score 15 ELEMENTAL POINTS wins the game!

More about Zenji.

It is inspired by a traditional Spanish card game (Cambio), which is a

very popular and exciting card game that is played all over the world !

Zenji brings the next evolution to this game , with game mechanics

and expansion cards never seen before , tested by +100 test players .

Zenji is truly a unique experience for the mind and will amaze you

from the first time you play with your friends and family members!

After every new game you will find new layers of mind

interactions and experience the captivating nature of Zenji.

The video tutorial below is the easiest way to get your Zenji

game started quickly , so watch, shuffle the cards and play !

? How to play Zenji ?


( This is a temporary test video .

the real tutorial will be here soon! )

For a reminder of the basic rules, you will also find REFERENCE cards inside the game box. Keep these cards close to you and check them for easy game play.

You only need to watch the video from above and remember

these 6 basic game ‘actions’ to start your Zenji journey !

The 6 basics

Will be


soon here !

Will be


soon here !

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‘ Beyond initial simplicity, gameplay uniquely designed.

find expansion within, an evolution for your mind. ‘

Copyright © 2024 Play Zenji - All Rights Reserved.


expand your Zenji game here with 20 special powers.

One power for each magic card of the expansion pack!

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text box frame banner islamic gold gradation




1. Activate this card to pick up all the cards from another

player’s monkey mind. Shuffle them (no looking) and place

all the cards back again in the player’s monkey mind.


Simple Film Frame
text box frame banner islamic gold gradation

The Empress

The Empress

2. Activate This card and you get two extra draws during

that turn. ( Tip: play from the higher mind to start with

the Two extra turns and then play your regular turn also !)

The other 18 powers will be revealed here very soon !

Meet the game creators.

Swijns DaVy

Chief Executive Gamer

Martina Slaninova

Creative Executive Queen


Co-creating Ambassadors

We innovate for online fun !

With your support we will create a digital version of Zenji, the card game!

Enjoy the power of the jungle online. Connect and train your memory skills with other Zen players from all over the world. Infinite focused fun guaranteed!

PLAY ZENJI on your PC or download the APP on your phone.

Earn those essential elemental points in every new game you play and earn your mystical / digital ZEN rewards !

From the heart of the jungle, where mysteries unfold,

" Zenji " calls you, a card game of stories untold.

Navigate the jungle's magic, don't underestimate,

the journey to serenity, Monkey Mind into Zen state.

Memory, a compass, through the forest so dense,

Focus, the guide, in the jungle's suspense.

In this ever-evolving world, each card a tale,

Play with purpose, let your intuition prevail.

Earth's grounded might, Fire’s gentle glow,

Air's whispering flight, Water’s calming flow.

The four elements, essential allies on your quest,

guiding, transforming, bringing minds to rest.

Beyond initial simplicity, gameplay uniquely designed,

find expansion within, an evolution for your mind.

So gather your cards, the journey has just begun,

this is '' Zenji '', an experience of infinite fun...

Zenji’s elemental poetry

Zenji - Promo video


Copyright © 2024 Play Zenji - All Rights Reserved.

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THE magic allies and zenji Co-creatorS:

Our main inspiration: mother Nature and the four elementS.

infinite thanks to: Farm volunteers. friends, family, all zenji test playeRS!

Maurice, FieN, NICK, Thaddaeus, Facundo, Wim VDZ, Uriel, Euriah, jennifer,

isaac, Joshi, Mary, Jen, Joel, tom, bieke, mirne, louis, Guido, elke, Seier,

sarah, mar, lucas, guadalupe, augustin, Daan, iris, vendula, anu, lada,

Tristan, star, chris, gozi, romeo, cesar, noreen, laura , kevin, maya, martina...

And so many more playful souls !

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